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Swedish Relaxation Mass $60/hr; $90/90min;$120/2hrs
Soothes and tones the body allowing a sense of mental tranquility. Completely relaxes the body through rythmic strokes using therapeutic essential oils to deeply penetrate the skin and muscles.

Sports Massage $70/ hr; $105/90min; $140/2hrs
A massage for specific muscular needs. A deep penetrating massage focusing on relieving sore contracted muscles, improving flexibility and reducing physical and mental tension

Therapeutic Massage $65/hr; $97/90 min:$130/2hrs
An invigorating deep tissue massage that flushed muscles of accumulated toxins,, alleviates stiffness and stimulates circulation to replenish your muscles and skin with oxygen rich nutrients

Foot Reflexology $55/hr
Enjoy this special stimulating foot massage as it soothes you into deep relaxation. As your feet are massaged more than 7000 nerves will be stimulated, encouraging the opening and clearing of neural pathways

Facial Renewal Massage $55/hr
Enjoy an hour long facial lift massage. Selected essential oils are massaged into specific pressure points releasing stress, bring you to a deeper level of relaxation as tension in the neck, shoulders, and faced are feed.

Pregnancy or postpartum massage $70/hr
Before the new arrival experience a special massage focusing on hip and back pain. Al so, relieves leg cramping and increases circulation.

Hot Stone Therapy $70/hr
Enjoy the many benefits of this popular massage treatment. Hot stone therapy combines swedish massage techniques with the placement of heated and cooled stone on specific locations of the body

20 Minute Body break $25/20 min
Designed for people who spend a lot of time on the phone, computer or just plain sitting. Fully clothed massages of neck, shoulder, back and arms to reduce stress making you feel completely refreshed.

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